Waldoboro, Maine WebCam - Weather - Tides - Time Lapse 04572

Sampson Cove - Slaigo Brook - Thomas Hill - Lincoln County ME

The above view is facing  South - South - West  220 degrees true
To better visualize the view, refer to the map by clicking  HERE ....  
Webcam is operational sunrise to sunset.
At the end of useful daylight, the last image is left on the server until operation resumes at next sunrise.

Also check out the new Live PuddyCam on our company cat page !  http://www.videointerchange.com/cats.htm

Waldoboro Tide Prediction Data  - Calculated in Real Time - Recalculated every 10 minutes  
(the "+" denotes the current point on the tidal wave, which remains in a fixed center position on the graph & depicts the time at last calculation.
The tidal "wave" relative to it, moves from right to left over time. The white and grey sky represent the demarcation between daylight & darkness
The red "tick marks" on the time line (if any), depict those periods where high tides are predicted to be in excess of 10 feet
The Red Line depicts the mean High tide, and the Dark Green is the mean Low Tide
Light Blue=Rising Water, Dark Blue=Falling Water,  White=Daylight, Grey=Darkness
Tide information presented here must NOT be relied on for navigational purposes or where inaccurate information may result in damage to property, or result in injury .
The database from which the calculations are derived, has not been certified. Software crashes and  power outages can render the data stale or obsolete.  Always check
the "Time Now" on the display  to see if the calculation is current..  Even so, we make no representation as to the accuracy of the data.
Tide & weather data presented on this site is intended for general interest only.  Use entirely at your own risk !

Current Waldoboro Maine Weather and Historical Graphs
(Updated every 15 minutes)

Max wind gust so far today

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   Lowest Wind Chill so far Today

The current wind gust under the wind rose, is based on the highest detected wind speed over the past 15 minutes
The Weather Station rundown also updates every 15 minutes beginning on the hour

Waldoboro Temperature & Windchill


            Wind Run so far Today in Miles

            Annual total to date since Jan 1st

           Annual Average Rainfall: 48.03"

Based on data collected 1971 to 2000
Source: NOAA

Today's Heating & Degrees running total since Midnight

For this stations' historical data, this link will take you to the Weather Underground that archives this station's data:  CLICK HERE

For station information including pictures, equipment, server info, siting, climatological data, News, Status, Conversions etc:  CLICK HERE

Sunrise - Sunset - Length of day and Change - Solar Noon
for Waldoboro, ME  04572

For the complete Sunrise Sunset annual tables  CLICK HERE

This National Radar Loop is full size to provide the maximum detail. Scroll to region of interest !

To view the entire US in a new window, click on the image below !


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To convert UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) to Easter Daylight time: subtract 4 hrs or 5 hrs for Eastern Standard Time

 Right click on Flash Movie above to zoom in and pan...

We sometimes switch over to the Caribou, ME (KCBW) or Boston, MA (KBOX) radars if the Portland, ME (KGYX) radar or it's server is down   

Click either of the following to see station status and reason for outage   Nexrad Status Map  or  NWS Radar Site Status

Internet Explorer has a problem refreshing the cache for  the Flash movie.  Only two work-a-rounds I'm aware of...  The first is to go to Tools - Internet Options - Browsing History... Then select  "Every Time I Visit the Web Page". Now each time you refresh the page, everything gets refreshed.   Just remember to set it back to "Automatically" afterwards.  The other equally "in-elegant" solution is to simply close and re-open Internet Explorer each time you desire to refresh the Flash movie cache.  Firefox and Opera browsers  don't exhibit the problem by honoring  the "No Cache" meta directives  or any Pragma directives..   Perhaps Microsoft after 8 attempts to address the issue,  will finally get it right by the time IE 9 is rolled out.  Don't think I'd bet the farm on it though....


Time Lapse Sky & Weather Conditions

This is a Flash Movie File that requires you have a Adobe Flash Player installed on your system

  Adobe Flash Player is a free download from Adobe..   Get it Here

This page also uses Java Script to control the Time Lapse Movies - also a free download  Get it Here


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Today's Current Time Lapse File Size is now 7.1 Mb

Weather Movie updates every hour on the hour sunrise to sunset

Flash Movie Archives

To view any of the archived Flash movies, CLICK HERE
You will be directed to the wxarchive folder which is organized by Year, month and day.
Filenames are by date and follow the convention yymmdd.swf
(This is a relatively new feature - the earliest movie date is March 8, 2009)
To return here, click back or return in your browser..

Time Lapse Weather Movies are all 640x480 Flash Movie Files
The First Movie of the day is generated approximately one hour before sunrise and then hourly thereafter.
Depending on the length of day and image content, file size can grow to be as much as 10mb
An image is captured every 30 seconds and played back at rate of 15 frames/second
Exposure and gamma are now optimized for the best sky & cloud contrast

The hi-res image at the top of the page is a separate Olympus Digital Camera
that captures and saves an image once every ten minutes...

* * * * * * *


   Weather Stations and their WebCams in the area or of interest, spanning the Globe

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Banned IP Addresses

Users who abuse this on-line weather station by continuously refreshing the page every several minutes or less by automated means, get "rewarded" by having their IP address being permanently banned from accessing the entire site...  There is simply no need to pound away at the server 24/7....   Even in New England, the weather does not change all that fast !  All it does is eat up bandwidth, creates horrendously large log files and slows things down for everyone else...  Regretfully, the only quick way to resolve this is to ban the offending ip addresses from accessing any of our servers.


Weather Synopsis Link:  http://www.nws.noaa.gov/view/prodsByState.php?state=ME&prodtype=discussion

Current Severe Weather Warnings and Advisories -
(polled for updates every 10 minutes)  Server - 2

No Warnings

Current 7 Day Forecast:  (polled for updates every 2 hrs

Converted from "mez026.txt" on 29-Jun-2012 by AscToHTM 5.0
Fpus51 Kgyx 291639
Zone Forecasts For New Hampshire And Western Maine
National Weather Service Gray Me
1239 Pm Edt Fri Jun 29 2012

Mez026. 300645.
Including The Cities Of Boothbay Harbor Wiscasset Waldoboro
1239 Pm Edt Fri Jun 29 2012

THIS AFTERNOON: Partly Sunny With A Slight Chance Of Showers And
Thunderstorms. Some Thunderstorms May Be Severe With Damaging
Winds Large Hail And Heavy Rainfall. Highs Around 80. South Winds
Around 10 Mph With Gusts Up To 25 Mph. Chance Of Rain 20 Percent.

TONIGHT: Partly Cloudy In The Evening Then Clearing. Patchy Fog
After Midnight. Lows In The Lower 60s. South Winds Around 10 Mph
With Gusts Up To 20 Mph In The Evening Becoming Light And

SATURDAY: Mostly Sunny. Highs In The Mid 80s. West Winds Around
10 Mph.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Partly Cloudy. Lows In The Lower 60s. Southwest
Winds Around 10 Mph In The Evening Becoming Light And Variable.

SUNDAY: Partly Sunny. Highs In The Mid 80s. Light And Variable
Winds Becoming West Around 10 Mph In The Afternoon.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Partly Cloudy. Lows In The Lower 60s.

MONDAY: Mostly Cloudy With A Chance Of Showers And Thunderstorms.
Some Thunderstorms May Produce Gusty Winds And Small Hail. Highs In
The Upper 70s. Chance Of Rain 40 Percent.

MONDAY NIGHT: Mostly Cloudy With A 50 Percent Chance Of Showers.
Lows Around 60.

TUESDAY: Partly Sunny With A Chance Of Showers. Highs In The Upper
70s. Chance Of Rain 50 Percent.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Partly Cloudy In The Evening Then Becoming Mostly
Cloudy. Lows In The Upper 50s.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: And Wednesday Night Partly Cloudy. Highs In The
Lower 80s. Lows In The Lower 60s.

THURSDAY: Mostly Cloudy In The Morning Then Becoming Partly
Sunny. Highs Around 80.



NOTE: Some browsers do not handle SSI (Server Side Includes) gracefully.
You can always click the following links directly.

Warnings & Advisories

7 Day Forecast

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About The WebCam

Black - No Image

The webcam occasionally goes off line at random times, where all that's viewable is a black jpg image.  Turns out the kittens (now adult cats) just love playing with the cables, and so far, no amount of other cat toy diversions or serious discussions with them on the matter, has had the least effect  (like most other discussions, coming to think of it)....   Short of running all the cables in metal conduit and enclosing the camera in an explosion proof steel plated housing (both impractical), no other solution comes quickly to mind.  So, I know when I'm beat.

Until they outgrow their boundless energy which hasn't happened so far, or they replace the webcam with something better on their long list of other fun things to trash that must be revisited and "checked off" every few days, expect a black webcam screen from time to time !

Kishka's kittens typically operate in roving gangs of  3 at once. It often amounts to a highly efficient coordinated assault that would do any Military Commander proud. So whenever you see a black webcam image, just imagine the mayhem and destructive forces at play going on behind the scenes !   Whatever you can imagine (and it will probably be quite a bit) will probably pale in comparison  to the reality ! 

1024x768 Images are captured & transferred directly to our local server once every minute -  between the hours of sunrise and sunset using a "retired" Olympus C-730 "Ultra Zoom" 3 MP digital Camera. Images are uploaded at a reduced resolution of 1024x768, which seems to be a reasonable compromise between those
with dial-up and broadband connections. Even so, a broadband connection makes for a far better experience. The image before being saved is Time and Date Stamped, along with the Temp, Humidity, Wind Speed/Direction, Barometric Pressure and trend which is acquired from the weather station database.

Compressing the images into a Flash Movie is cpu intensive, so movies are updated on average about once every two hours.

During the hours of darkness, the WebCam is not active. However the last image of the day is normally left on the server until webcam operation resumes the next morning. From time to time, we make changes to the camera zoom and view of the cove, or (truth be known) when we accidently bump into the camera !


The Webcam camera is controlled by Sebectec's camera controller:  http://www.sebectec.com/samples/index.htm

The Puddycam camera on the cat page, is controlled by Pine Tree Computing's  Camera Controller:   http://www.pinetreecomputing.com/camctl.asp

For  lists of other webcams:

Webcam Index - Live Webcams
     Webcam World - Live Webcams


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